About us: A new accommodation in Lisbon
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The Vila Garden Guesthouse was born from a dream of a Portuguese couple. Passionate about travelling and hospitality, the two young entrepreneurs sought to create a guesthouse and their dream came true.

We are a family business, with a genuine and a very much Portuguese service. We know that every guest is unique and with different preferences. Having this is thought in mind, we gathered the best team. Filled with energy, our employees will become your best allies to discover Lisbon.




Dear Guests, I’m Sofia and I’m graduate in Marketing and Management, but after 8 years in a dull and sad office position, I decided to change my life and dedicate myself to the thing I love most: working daily with people.

I have always lived in Lisbon and I simply love this city. I love how fast you can get from the airport to Downtown. I love to get lost in the little and picturesque streets of Alfama and the Castle and to discover new restaurants and places to visit.

But above all I love to share these discoveries with other people. Dare yourself to explore Lisbon and count on me to help you discovering the biggest secrets of our city.



Hello everyone! I am Márcio and I can literally tell you that I was born in the hospitality business. In the first years of my childhood I lived with my parents in a little guest house managed by them and since an early age I got used to the frenzy environment of running a hotel business.

When I had to choose my degree there was no doubts: I wanted Hotel Management. However, since the first internship I realized that managing a large hotel was not what I was looking for. I enjoy a personal and closest contact with the guests, to have time to share tips about the city and to be able to help each guest in an unique way.

It was at that moment that we had the opportunity to open our own guest house. We decided to open it in the very same neighbourhood where we still live after so many years and where we know every corner: Arroios. We are waiting for your visit.

Please contact us is there is anything we can assist you with.