About us: A new accommodation in Lisbon
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Vila Nova Guesthouse is the culmination of years of work in the hospitality of a Portuguese family. With over 40 years of experience, the Fernandes family offers a genuine and familiar service.

Is thinking on the authenticity that we have to work with us a unique team with different tastes and preferences that will help you find the best of this city, always adapting it to your own interests.




Dear Guests, my name is Tânia and I am Márcio’s older sister. I invite you to visit my second home since we grew up in the tourism area from an early age.


My vocation and passion was always to teach and I always imagined myself teaching. I ended up leaving this dream aside and at 20 I took the course of Tourism Technique and chose to work with my family.


We have always been a nation of great navigators and discoverers of the world. Today is the World, through Tourism, to discover us. We have the sun, the friendliness, the good food and, in the Vila Nova Guesthouse, a dream stay.


As the Little Prince says in the book: “The one who passes by us does not leave us alone. Leave a little of himself, take some of us” So it is me. This is my world, my life and my job. I want to always leave a smile, kindness and the memory that this is the main characteristic of the Portuguese people. I’m waiting for you!

Please contact us is there is anything we can assist you with.